Essential Answers You Need Before Selecting A Divorce Attorney

When you are first considering a divorce, seek the counsel of a divorce attorney. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you make the right decisions every step of the way and empower you to better protect yourself throughout the process of getting a divorce. When you're looking for the right divorce attorney, be sure to attain the answers you need from the following questions.

Ask About the Anticipated Costs and Fees

It will be impossible for any lawyer to realistically give you an exact dollar at the start of your divorce. Oftentimes, surprises and unexpected things pop up along the way, and the divorce itself may take longer than anticipated. However, the divorce attorney should be able to give you clear answers on how fees are assessed and charged.
A lawyer who charges a higher fee may be worth it, though. The quality of your legal representation can determine how well you fare in the divorce. Talk to the attorney directly about any additional questions you have about fees and payments. If possible, make a list of questions about the costs and fees so you have them on hand and don't forget during the consultation.

Ask Who Else Will Work on Your Case

Divorce lawyer often have help with the heavy workload that falls on them each day. You can ask for details about who will be working on your case and in what capacity they will do so. You may even ask if you can meet those people.

Ask How Long the Lawyer Has Been Practicing

Although there are great lawyers with limited experience, more experienced divorce attorneys will likely have a great deal of expertise that newer lawyers can't match. The gender, age, religion, race or national origin of a lawyer has nothing whatsoever to do with how great of an attorney the person is. On the other hand, their experience can be an important deciding factor.

A divorce attorney who has more experience is far more likely to know the ins and outs of local rules as well as the judges and other attorneys. Trial experience is also invaluable. You may want to weigh how much of a priority these things are for you, but keep in mind that the experienced divorce lawyer typically has more to offer.

Ask How Many Cases Go to Trial

When a divorce case goes to trial, you need to have confidence in your attorney's abilities. If you want to settle your case without going to trial, that's understandable, and that is often the ideal scenario. However, you should also know that your attorney has a willingness to go to trial to fight for you if it's necessary.

There is not a right or wrong answer to this question when you are interviewing potential divorce attorneys, but it can spark a discussion that is helpful. As you talk with your divorce attorney, you will also get a better idea of whether there will be comfort level between you as you work together during the divorce.

Ask If Your Lawyer Will Handle Court Appearances

If the potential divorce lawyer hasn't already mentioned whether he or she will handle all court appearances personally, ask so you know for sure. The divorce lawyer should be able to let you know whether you can expect to see your attorney or other member of the team during court appearances.

Finally, keep in mind that your attorney will be your ally throughout the complicated matter of getting a divorce. You can turn to your divorce lawyer for help with protecting your best interests. If you're considering a divorce, contact the caring, experienced attorneys at Serra & Isopi PC with all your questions and concerns.