How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer


No matter your circumstances, the stress of divorce can be somewhat alleviated if you have the right divorce lawyer. Hiring a divorce attorney with the following qualities may speed up your divorce, give you a better outcome and reduce the emotional distress involved in the process.

Cooperative Approach

Look for someone who participates in mediation or collaborative law. Mediation uses a neutral party to help you and your spouse come up with an agreement. Collaborative law entails you, your spouse and each of your lawyers working together out of court to reach a settlement. Both of these methods have improved outcomes for all parties and usually save time and money. An aggressive lawyer can sometimes draw out your case and hinder your emotional recovery.


Once you’ve found attorneys who use cooperative methods, review their levels of experience. Mistakes lead to unnecessary delays and fees, so you want someone highly experienced in your type of divorce situation.


The last step is to consider the divorce lawyer’s reputation. Look at the attorney’s track record to discover how well they do their job. Read testimonials and talk to previous clients. Ask your family or friends if they are familiar with the lawyer’s services.

With the right attorney, the divorce process can be greatly simplified. Contact Serra & Isopi, P.C. to speak with an attorney today.