Drunk Driving/MIP

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A person is considered to be driving under the influence of alcohol if their blood alcohol content is over the federal or state limit. A person’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is calculated primarily through three types of tests: breath tests, blood tests and urine tests. Each of these tests has limitations, and all are capable of error.

Experienced DUI lawyers are aware of the different types of technology used to establish a person’s BAC and know how to refute improperly calculated or measured evidence gained from such devices. A skilled drunk driving attorney should be able to determine if any of these things were a factor in your BAC test. The courts, as well as the Secretary of State, treat minors under the influence of alcohol much differently than their of-age counterparts. For starters, it is illegal for persons under the age of 21 to possess alcohol, and in the event of a DUI arrest, the minor under the influence of alcohol can be deemed “in possession” of alcohol even without physical containers of alcohol being present.

Additionally, the threshold levels for minor driving under the influence are often set at zero tolerance levels, which means any BAC over .00 to .02, depending on the state, will result in an arrest.

Regardless of the criminal charge, it is important to have proper legal representation, but this is especially true for cases involving minors, as the intricacies of the law vary greatly from adult cases. If you have been arrested for DUI, it is important to contact a DUI lawyer right away. An attorney with experience defending those accused of DUI should have the knowledge and resources to provide you with the solid defense you need. The Law Offices of Serra & Isopi, P.C. has been handling drunk driving cases since 1980. Call us today for a free consultation.