Medical Malpractice

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In Michigan there is a limited time in which a claim for medical malpractice can be made. Before one can sue a Notice of Intent to sue must be sent to the negligent medical provider detailing the claim after which there is a waiting period before suit can be brought. If the Notice is not done correctly, a suit may not be brought and/or will be dismissed.

There are a number of statutes in Michigan that state the requirements to sue, such as when, who can be sued, what damages can be sought, and the limitations on those damages. You need a law firm that has experience in handling malpractice claims. Sam Serra at Serra & Isopi, P.C. has been handling malpractice claims since 1980 and is well versed in all of the requirements in bringing these suites. If you or a loved one have been injured by a health care professional, call Sam Serra for a free phone consultation. Remember there is no attorney fee unless Sam Serra collects money for you.

Nursing Home and Assisted Living Negligence

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A resident of a nursing home has a right to have a dignified existence. A nursing home must preserve these rights, including for those who might be challenged mentally and/or physically. If a resident cannot carry out activities of daily living, the nursing home must provide services to maintain good nutrition, grooming and personal and oral hygiene.

A resident should be assessed by the nursing home facility and a plan for that resident must be made to improve the resident’s condition or if not possible, to maintain the person’s condition at all possible.
The law requires nursing homes to ensure that residents do not develop adverse medical conditions or if the condition is inevitable, to make sure it does not deteriorate unless unavoidable.

A patient must be monitored to avoid pressure sores, incontinence, limited motion, falling, psychological problems, social adjustment issues, tube feeding, malnutrition, dehydration and more.

Often times due to under staffing, negligent staffing, improper supervision and/or inadequate training residents will be over medicated, under medicated, not fed properly, not cleaned properly, not taken to the toilet when necessary, not given sufficient fluids and/or nourished, dropped or not properly monitored to avoid a fall, ignored, not cleaned or groomed, call lights not answered, and not included in activities. Lack of staffing and/or underpaid staff can result in overworked employees who become less caring and even emotionally and/or physically abusive.

If you are or a loved one has been injured or neglected in a nursing home or assisted living facility, call Sam Serra for a free phone consultation. He can fight diligently to ensure you and/or a loved one’s rights are represented to the best of his ability.