Recent Settlements and Verdicts

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With more than 30 years of legal service to the Tri-County area, our law firm has encountered most every type of personal injury case one could imagine. We are proud to have a reputation for resolute advocacy on behalf of our clients, and for the hundreds of favorable courtroom decisions we have achieved.

Here are just a few recent settlements and verdicts:

  • A client's car was rear-ended by a truck driver causing a back injury
  • ~ 1.2 million dollars against negligent driver
  • Our client slipped and fell on ice, injuring his back
  • ~ $300,000 against business
  • Our client was caught in rotating barrel that did not have safety curtain
  • ~ $800,000 against manufacturer
  • An elderly client was given medication that put her at risk for heart attack and she suffered a heart attack
  • ~ $600,000 against the hospital
  • A client was hit by a vehicle which failed to yield right-of-way, causing a neck injury
  • ~ $275,000 against negligent driver
  • A client's helmet failed to stay on in a motorcycle accident causing a closed head injury
  • ~ $800,000 against negligent driver and manufacturer of helmet
  • A Client's colon punctured during gallbladder surgery
  • ~ $450,000 against hospital and doctor
  • A Client injured in fall at Nursing Home
  • ~ $400,000 against Nursing Home
  • A Client injured by defective product at work
  • ~ $525,00 against product manufacturer
  • A Client injured when catheter improperly inserted
  • ~ $100,000 against hospital
  • A client was hit when a driver ran a red light, injuring her back
  • ~ $225,000.00 against driver
  • A client was hit by an unknown driver who left the scene of the accident that resulted in her having a knee injury.
  • Recovered from clients' no-fault insurance company uninsured motorist coverage
  • ~ $180,000.00 against clients'